Auditor Jackie McKee of Holmes County today announced that Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) renewal forms have been mailed.  Envelopes have been provided to mail the completed renewal or they can be emailed to ReaEstateDept@co.holmes.oh.us. Please complete entire form or it will be returned.  

By Ohio law, CAUV applications are to be filed with the County Auditor’s office prior to the first Monday in March (postmarked by March 5, 2022 or in office by March 4, 2022).  Applications must be renewed each year and annual renewals are free, but there is a $25 initial filing fee per application.  If forms are not received by the deadline, the Auditor will be required to value the property at its market value and recoup the tax savings for the past three years, which also makes real estate taxes higher.   

CAUV has been the law in Ohio since 1982. Any tract of agricultural land of 10 acres or more which has been in commercial agricultural use for the last three years is eligible.  A smaller tract may be included in this program if the tract produced an average gross income of $2,500 or more from sales of agricultural products during the previous three years.   It allows the County Auditor to value farmland at its crop production value rather than its highest and best use value.  It also protects the farmer from paying unnecessarily high property taxes for farmland and encourages farmers to keep farming and producing food, which benefits us all.

If you are not currently enrolled in CAUV and believe you may be eligible or have questions on the renewal, please contact the Holmes County Auditor’s office at 330-674-1896 or email RealEstateDept@co.holmes.oh.us for more information

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Jackie McKee, Holmes County Auditor

Serving Since  March 1999 - Jackie graduated from Akron University/Wayne College and has 36 years of accounting experience with 30 years being governmental accounting. She is a working "hands on" auditor; personally involved with all aspects of the office.

Jackie is involved with the County Auditors Association of Ohio and is currently serving on a legislative committee. She is past President of the Northeast Auditors Association.  

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